On-device ML platform for real-time personalization in Media & Entertainment

Boost user engagement with truly real-time personalized feeds, search and more.

Avoid compromising user privacy or breaking the bank on cloud costs with on-device ML.

NimbleEdge Platform

NimbleEdge executes real-time ML pipelines on users' mobile devices, from in-session data capture to ML inference

This unlocks rapid, cost-effective and privacy-preserving ML for a wide variety of session-aware use-cases for media and entertainment apps, including personalized feeds, search, recommendations and more

Use CaseS

Session-aware Personalized Feeds

Deliver tailored feeds incorporating in-session user-product interactions (e.g. clicks, likes)

8-10% uptick in key engagement metrics

Real-time Personalized Recommendations

Serve personalized recommendations with session context (e.g. likes, views) fully baked into your recommendation systems

6-8% improvement in ranking metrics

Session-aware personalized search

Capture and process real-time user data (e.g. clicks, likes) to showcase highly relevant search results

>5% improvement in ranking metrics

Real-time on-device content moderation

Use on-device machine learning to deliver rapid, cost-efficient content moderation

<100ms end-to-end latency

>50% lower costs vs. cloud


Truly real-time, privacy-preserving personalization at a fraction of the cost on cloud

Massive model performance improvement (>5%)

Incorporate real-time user behavior in your ML models, and instantly improve model accuracy

Money cart

Enormous cloud cost savings (>50%)

Slash cloud costs by eliminating the need for cloud resources for real-time data processing and ML inference


Minimal end-to-end latency (<50ms)

Incorporate user inputs in ML systems instantly, going from event capture to inference in milliseconds


NimbleEdge Platform manages both orchestration and execution capabilities for on-device ML

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Unlock real-time personalization in your mobile app with on-device machine learning


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Read your users' mind with real-time personalized recommendations, search results, ads and more
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