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Make personalization truly personal with the Intelligent Edge.

Delight Customers with tailored search recommendations delivered at lightning speed.

Customers today want a shopping experience that feels designed just for them. Through session-awareness and real-time engagement features, NimbleEdge is able to shape search recommendations, delighting customers and yielding 66% increases in average CTR per session.

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Give customers a reason to stay with a personalized homepage.

Bring mind-reading to life with a homepage customized for each user to reduce choice paralysis. Reduce search time and improve discovery by leveraging session engagement data with real-time on device processing capabilities for homepage recommendations that enable quick item discovery - at 20% of the existing cloud cost.

Increase Conversions with relevant cross-selling and reduced cart abandonment.

We help you increase your Average Order Value by 9.2% by reducing latency with relevant and fast cross-selling due to processing granular behavioral data in real-time.

Use Cases

Home Page Recommendations
‍Search Recommendations
Add-To-Cart Cross Selling
Personalized Push Notifications

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E-commerce site visitors are increasingly distracted, and latency greater than 3 seconds can cause ~53% of them to bounce. Batch processing is not able to meet the real-time expectations of app visitors, yet real-time ML implementation on cloud is not scalable, as the cloud costs are 3-5x higher than operating on the edge. In addition, scale handling in real-time ML on cloud becomes tough due to uncertain spikes in traffic.

NimbleEdge Platform

NimbleEdge brings real-time on-device processing capabilities to E-commerce at 20% of the existing cloud costs. Our platform helps run ML Inference & Training that leads to app performance uplifts of 6% with less than 30 ms latency, all the while reducing operational complexity, offering the app visitors a great product search, personalized homepage recommendation.

Case Study

Find out how we helped an E-Commerce customer:

Save 50-60% in cloud costs


Achieve 6% uplift in ML model performance

Raising fund

Smoothly handle 7x scale-handling during through-put bursts


Time-to-market in less than 2 weeks and go live

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NimbleEdge Platform manages both orchestration and execution capabilities for on-device ML

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Edge pipelines with
on-the-fly updates
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Use Cases

Leverage the Intelligent Edge for Your Industry


Betterment in transaction success rate through hyper-personalized fraud detection
Fraud detection models that try to flag fraudulent transactions (applies to all the FinTech apps)
Speed & Reliability issues with transactions in non-real time ML systems on the cloud limit personalization levels, as it operates with Huge Costs of running Real-Time ML systems on the Cloud
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See uplifts in game retention metrics like gaming duration, completion, game cross-sells and LTV
Contest SelectionMatchmaking and Ranking Cross-contests recommendationPersonalized offers and pricing
As a result of cloud’s limited infrastructure in providing scalability with respect to ML model deployments and processing in real-time, gaming apps adopt non real-time/batch processing that negatively affects click-through rates, game duration, completion, cross-sells, and lifetime value of players.
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Travel & Stay

Increase in average booking value with new and repeat customers with higher NPS & savings in cost of acquisition
Travel & Stay
Search/Service recommendation models  + Personalized offers and pricing
NimbleEdge’s HOME runs real-time ML - Inference & Training - on-device, ensuring performance uplifts in Search/Service recommendation and Personalized offers/pricing models at 1/5th of the cost to run them on the cloud.
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