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Unlocking the fourth paradigm shift with Edge Intelligence

Who We Are

We formed NimbleEdge to help enterprises engage their customers with fast, meaningful personalization  and with the confidence that their personal data is secure. To this end, NimbleEdge offers the world’s first platform for intelligently balancing and orchestrating ML compute between the cloud and the distributed edge and to incorporate Federated Learning for scaling your ML models to match your customer growth.

What We Do

By deploying NimbleEdge, our enterprise customers benefit from individualized models trained for each unique customer, imperceptible latency in delivering recommendations, and significant reductions in their cloud infrastructure costs while providing their end customers with a real-time, private, hyper-personalized experience.

Backed By

We are headquartered in San Francisco with our team based across multiple geographies, with NeoTribe Ventures as our lead investors. We also have strong backing from tech leaders from Meta, Twitter, Google, Paypal, and OpenMined, as well as Professors at CMU and UC Berkeley.

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