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On-device machine learning platform for real-time personalization in mobile apps

Who We Are

NimbleEdge was formed to enable enterprises to boost conversion and delight users with real-time personalization, while ensuring user privacy preservation. NimbleEdge platform enables seamless orchestration of ML compute between cloud and mobile edge, to unlock tailored and secure user experiences

What We Do

By using NimbleEdge, our customers can implement real-time personalization in mobile apps without breaking the bank on cloud infra using on-device machine learning. The resulting deployments are cost-efficient, low-latency, effortlessly scalable, and privacy-preserving by design

Backed By

We are headquartered in San Francisco and our team is based across geographies. Our lead investors are NeoTribe Ventures and Sistema Asia Capital. We also have strong backing from tech leaders at Meta, Twitter, Google, Paypal, and OpenMined, as well as Professors at CMU and UC Berkeley

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